We're of a generation that is aware and concerned about environmental and human issues, and we find it increasingly important to think twice about our purchases and who we're supporting with our dollar. In fact, we believe this is one of the few effective ways to vote, EVERY DAY. 

When you purchase from Idahome™ we want you to know that we try our best to source ethically manufactured products and local/domestic services like screen printing and embroidery. Most of our shirts these days are American Apparel (made in the USA) and Independent Trading Co., which are manufactured under the WRAP Certification (www.wrapapparel.org). Check out their page on social responsibility. Our printers use phthalate-free and eco friendly inks and cleaners, and our embroiderers are honest, family-style folks with a love for their product. Not to forget, our water bottles are manufactured in Yakima, Washington by the awesome people at Liberty Bottles. 

It may sound hippy dippy, but the final, undeniable touch of Idahome™ product is the love. Every ounce of energy that goes into this brand is a direct reflection of our adoration and appreciation for Idaho and its people. We hike, ski, bike and run and when we sit back down at the drawing board, our inspiration lies in the moments we spend outside enjoying, appreciating, and advocating for our natural environments. This is the essence of Idahome™ and everything we do. 

Thanks so much for supporting Idahome™ as it grows from its humble beginnings as a tiny seedling. We'll keep making efforts to bring you awesome, ethical products with stellar designs inspired by the panhandled land we love!